Resident Evil 6 Demo Arrives on Xbox LIVE

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
As promised, today sees what is technically the second demo for Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) to hit Xbox LIVE. Don't forget, previously gamers could get early access to a demo with a purchase of Dragon's Dogma.

The content offered up by the 850+MB demo now on Xbox LIVE is completely different though and offers both single player and co-op action from the title's different campaign paths:

The latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise is here! A deadly bioterrorist attack in China has Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong all fighting for their lives. Their separate paths become interconnected through various twists of fate. What outcome awaits our four protagonists? Play online with a friend if you have an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.
If you'd like to try it out, you can queue the demo up for yourself right now. The full title will arrive in stores October 2nd.