Gaming Session Feedback

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Hey all

Since I wrote the Gaming Session code a few months ago, they have become incredibly popular with over 5000 sessions created.

However, there's been no way previously to offer feedback on the other guys that showed (or more importantly didn't show) up.

After some considerable thought on how this feedback system should work, I've now implemented the code.

On the reminder email that you receive before the session is an additional link to give feedback.

This can only be done if the session has finished.

You can provide some notes for the other guys in the session to read about why you didn't show or were late.

And you can also give notes on the other games and rate them on a good/bad/indifferent scale.

I will add some additional links to this page so that you can get there from the gaming session page itself tomorrow.

I will also add a way to view someone's average feedback score tomorrow, but if you guys could start providing feedback from now on it will give me some data to play with.

Database Purge

I have begun a clean up of the database. Any user that we have been unable to scan for more than 6 months is in the process of being removed. This has resulted in some TA Ratio's dropping a bit, so your score may have dropped a bit. It's for the good of the system as a whole though, as most of these gamers have changed tags and re-registered so we were effectively counting them twice.

By the time it's finished, we will have removed 5000 gamers.

I will automate the process every week from now on so it will be less dramatic!

Thanks all!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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