FIFA 13 Trailer & Dev Diary

By Chewie, 6 years ago
In a new trailer from EA Sports for the soon to be released FIFA 13, Producer Matthew Lafreniere brings us details on the Football Club Catalogue feature. This new system rewards you with Football Club Credits when you gain XP and levels in the game. These credits can then be redeemed for all sorts of features in the catalogue, from celebrations to historic kits. You can also share your accomplishments through the in-game news feed and push them to Facebook.

A new dev diary for the game also reveals changes made to the transfer section of the Career Mode. Career Mode Producer Santiago Jaramillon explains that the manager AI for opposing teams has been improved to factor in how important players are to their teams, rather than purely the market value. A few other new features include the ability to perform Counter Offers and Player + Cash transactions.

FIFA 13 is out September 25th in North America, September 27th in Europe and September 28th in the UK. The demo is available to download now.
Written by Chewie
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