Babel Rising 3D (WP) New Units and Screenshots

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Fans of facing the gauntlet of the heavenly divine by strategic defensive measures in the Windows Phone tower defense game, Babel Rising 3D now have access to a couple of new super-units and fortifications.

Let's take a look at what the new units and fortifications have to offer:

3 new workers' units - Now available!
The Slavers: Speed up the humans with unmerciful whips.
The Super Priests: are the most powerful priest who are able to change the shield to protect from one element or the other, or even both elements at the same time!
The Super Workers: are the workers who are able to build a part of the tower and if left undestroyed will proceed to building again and again until the tower is finished!
Super Priests
Bable Sept.18th

Bable Sept.18th

Super Workers
Bable Sept.18th

Ishtar Gate - Available
After 3 failures, humans have designed the Ishtar Gate as an impregnable fortress. But not for you! The workers may be protected while they build, but their walls won't spare them the wrath of God!
Bable Sept.18th

Nabu's Tower - Available in the next update
The pinnacle of human arrogance - a giant statue of their leader! This act of defiance cannot go unpunished
Bable Sept.18th

It should also be noted that the "Hanging Gardens Tower" will be on sale at 80% off the original price for one week in order to get current players ready for the upcoming challenges that lay ahead.

The three new units and the Ishtar Gate are available now, and Nabu's Tower will be available with the next title update, which as of yet, has no firm release date. For all of our other coverage please head here.