Mass Effect 3 N7 Weekend For September 21st

By Mr J Muffin, 6 years ago
The time has come for the next N7 Weekend for Mass Effect 3. This weekend is Operation: PATRIOT.

Operation Patriot

The mission parameters are:

Squad Goal: Extraction on any difficulty with all squad members as the same non-human race. Requires 2 or more players in squad.

Allied Goal: Kill 600,000 Atlas Mechs on any map at any difficulty.

Special Circumstances: Escort Drones travel speed reduced.

Squad Goal Success: All squad members awarded a Commendation Pack.
Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack.
Also, fans of the multiplayer will now be able to unlock a new weapon in their reinforcement packs, the Argus Assault Rifle. Previously a single-player exclusive, you can now pick up this burst-fire rifle in your pack. It is classified as 'Rare' so you'll have to open up a Spectre Pack to get it.


With this announcement, BioWare also released an image containing "battle telemetry", or data on how far we've come in multiplayer since the launch of the "Earth" DLC.

ME3 Battle Data

1.02 Trillion credits, people! Now, that's not exclusively Xbox 360 players, but the majority of the community that plays is! And with all those credits spent I still can't unlock a Drell or a Krogan...

Operation: PATRIOT kicks off September 21st and goes on through September 23rd. Get out there and accomplish those goals! That's an order!