Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 DLC Detailed

By Chewie, 6 years ago
With the game's release just a day away, Konami have announced details of the first piece of DLC for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

The DLC will include three new Spanish licensed stadiums for recently promoted clubs Deportivo de La Coruña, Celta de Vigo and Real Valladolid, and will update the kits for 37 of the game's licensed clubs.

A 'Widget' system will also be introduced, bringing increased social functions, such as rankings and shortcuts to invite friends to matches. A new Community Mode automatically selects up to eight friends from pre-determined lists to join you in a match, and includes stats and results tracking. A new Rival Ranking system will also ensure players are matched to similarly-rated players in Master League Online.

A new Incentive element will also be added that works through the myPES Facebook app, where players' in-game achievements can be pushed to their Facebook page (a similar feature has been recently unveiled for FIFA 13).

Finally, if things aren't going your way in a match, you'll also now be able to concede at half-time, rather than face continued humiliation in the second half. Wussies.

This free update will be available in early October, with a second DLC due in mid-October that will bring more stadiums, UEFA elements, and other updates, including updates to reflect the summer transfers.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is due to be released tomorrow, September 21st. Check out the demo available on the marketplace now.
Written by Chewie
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