BioShock 2 comes to NASCAR

By WeisGuy9, 8 years ago
If you're a gamer and a NASCAR fan, then all your wildest dreams have just come true.

Joey Logano's GameStop #20 Toyota raced today at Daytona International Speedway while proudly displaying a slick new BioShock 2 logo. Logano and GameStop will partner up for 21 races this season, so perhaps we can expect to see more of our favorite game titles screaming around the track this year.

Logano, only 19 years old, already has six stock car wins under his belt and is looking to add to that this year on the NASCAR circuit. A couple of good plasmids and a rivet gun should get him well on his way.

Check the external link for a nice shot of the GameStop #20 and a short article from GameInformer.