WWE '13 Pre-order Details

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
There has been no shortage of media for THQ's next installment of their wrestling franchise with the upcoming release of WWE '13. However, today we are not going to look at ring entrances, finishers, or the peoples elbow: no, not today folks. Today, we shall look at the many retailers you can choose from to place your pre-order at, and the bonuses each establishment offers.

GAME or Gamestation:
This in-store only offer will net gamers a CM Punk t-shirt with the champ himself in his iconic pose.

Pre-ordering online will give players a comprehensive PRIMA WWE '13 Attitude Era Digital Guide that features details to over 60+ matches from the Attitude Era single-player campaign, all bonus objectives, unlockables, and detailed moves, bios and stats for all of your favourite in-game superstars.

Pre-orders in-store at HMV will give gamers the exclusive WWE Live the Revolution wrist-band.

Gamestop/EB Games:
Pre-order and receive the CM Punk in-game Ice Cream t-shirt, which can be used as alternate ring attire. Gamers will also receive Mike Tyson as an unlockable and playable character.

Get your pre-orders in, as WWE '13 will release on October 30th.