Indie Games Spotlight for September 23rd, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
Sententia is a puzzle game, where you help your character "grow" and learn the power of his voice.

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You are a special creature, and you have a purpose; but are you capable of holding on to it? Sententia is an "art game" that explores the challenges we face to keep our imagination alive as we grow. Start your journey through life's forest as a young creature and build your way through it by solving puzzles, interacting with your fellow creatures, and defending your ideas with your own sententia.

RELEASE DATE: 11/09/2012
DEVELOPER: MichaelArts
GENRE: Platformer

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Dolby Digital
The second game in the Indie Games Uprising promotion comes to us from one of the co-promoters of this year's promotion, Michael Hicks.

Sententia is very much a puzzle game at heart. You help solve puzzles as you navigate through the forest and watch your creature grow. The puzzle interface is very straight-forward, as each node gives you hints about how many lines should be connected to it.

Enemies can be defeated by using your voice. You can also charge your voice for a more powerful word to dispatch stronger enemies.

The unique art-style to Senentia makes this game very memorable. It resembles that of a hand-drawn comic, which allows you to feel like you are interacting with the art rather than playing the game.

We had a chance to sit down with Michael and ask him a few questions about his history in developing games.

How long have you been developing games?

Michael: I made my first game in 7th grade about seven years ago... my first published game came out at the beginning of 2011. If you consider that to be my true start then only one year!

How much time do you typically spend on developing a title?

Michael: Sententia was in development for about three months, and then a few more months of tweaking and polish. My last two games took about eight months of development time. A goal I had with Sententia was to not get too crazy with it so I could focus in on the design details; I wanted to work on a smaller scale game.

Do you feel Microsoft has made any progress on helping the Xbox Live Indie Games community?

Michael: Yes, they have been very supportive of the Uprising promotions, and have made a few other positive changes to the submission process. There's still more we'd like to see from them of course, but I think they are making progress. If you remember back to when the channel first launched, there wasn't even a way to see your sales on a daily basis... we've slowly come quite a ways from that point.

What drove you to participate in the Indie Games Uprising promotion?

Michael: The Uprisings are awesome because they are community driven, I love seeing people come together like this. Around the time I was finishing up Sententia I noticed a lot of awesome games would be coming out around the same time, so that drove me to post a thread on App Hub and get this thing rolling.

What is the most significant thing you took away from the development process?

Michael: Working on Sententia totally changed my approach to making games, all of my future games will be affected by my time working on this title. I was able to express things in this game that I couldn't have expressed through music or any other medium... One of the awkward things I was challenged with after the game was finished was what to classify it as. I hate labels, but I feared that people would label it off as a platformer and not look any deeper into what I was doing. So I called it an art game with the hopes that people would play it with an open mind... I think next time I'm not going to label my game at all; I hate labels, but players and the media like to use them!

Sententia can be added to your Indie Games collection for 80 MSP.

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