Perfect Dark Trailer & Information

By zigs00, 8 years ago
A new video from last week's X10 is up on GameTrailers, showing Microsoft Game Studios' Ken Lobb play through the second level of the the upcoming HD rerelease of Perfect Dark, while discussing some key info about the game.

As Lobb describes, the game is fully hi-def, running at 1080p and 60fps with completely updated textures and character models. The game itself plays exactly the same as the N64 classic, retaining the entire campaign, counter- and co-op modes, challenges, multiplayer now all available over Xbox Live, raising the player count up to eight - even more people to piss off by playing as Elvis! Not only that, but the four-player split-screen is still available for those who wanna play locally (can't just be me wanting to revisit that golden era of sofa-sharing multiplayer , right?), as well as the ability to mix the two, with any variant of split-screen fully available online.

Lobb also revealed that the game will offer an awards system for "the real elite, the people who are even better than Perfect Agent" on top of retaining all the secrets, speedruns and unlockables from the seminal N64 version.

The sole concern that I had for the game was also addressed in the video: the control scheme. Lobb said that there are three options for the controls depending on your personal preference. The default setting is a replication of the N64 controls, mapping the C-buttons onto the right thumbstick, and the other two settings are called "Spartan" and "Duty Calls". No prizes for guessing which games those control schemes are copies of...

Personally, I'm glad to hear that it will use both thumbsticks for the controls. I dug out and dusted off my N64 recently to try and play the game, and I just couldn't get back into using the C-buttons, and the controls really lacked the fluidity we've come accustomed to in our FPS's.

To watch the video for yourself, click here:

To see the debut trailer for the game, showing off more gameplay footage, click here:

Perfect Dark is set to hit the Marketplace as part of the Xbox Live Block Party this March, for an incredible 800 MSP.
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