Sleeping Dogs DLC Packs for October

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
The promised DLC packs are almost upon us from Square Enix's sandbox title, Sleeping Dogs. Square Enix means business with their DLC plans and have revealed the goodness that will be blessing players of the game very soon.

Although no details have yet been revealed for the Community Gift Pack, it's price point is already a perfect start as the pack is truly a gift at 0 MSP. Other future DLC Packs will include Street Racing, co-op SWAT team missions, new weapons and new armor. Before we get into the details on some of the upcoming DLC packs, let's take a lookat the freshly released DLC reveal trailer:

Street Racer Pack

Burn rubber on four wheels! Tear-up the streets on two tires! Rip through the water in a turbo-charged speedboat!
October DLC - Screenshot 01

The streets of Hong Kong will provide some serious, intense competition when it comes to street racing. Cars, drivers and tires will either burn out, or showcase unbeatable stamina and leave their opponents up in smoke. If cars are not really your prefered vehicle class, then hop on the new Sting supercycle for some action packed two wheel mayhem, but just be sure you suit up for the races with the new Dragon Helmet and Racing Jacket which provide you with extra protection against gun fire. Want something different to racing on road? Then why not take to the water and compete in the "high-speed Harbor Run boat race".

October DLC - Screenshot 2

• Exclusive new Sting bike with fastest acceleration and increased handling
• Exclusive new Dragon outfit with reduced damage from accidents and gunfire
• Three new races in bikes, cars and speedboats

Twenty new and replayable cop missions, featuring a unique SWAT outfit & SWAT van
The SWAT Pack comes full to the brim with 20 new missions. The action will be heavy in these missions as you patrol the streets of Hong Kong in your armoured SWAT van and respond to various emergency situations. Dressed for the occasion, your "full-bodied Super-SWAT Tactical Uniform" will reduce the amount of damage taken from all sorts of enemies ranging from armed robbers and street thugs, to smugglers and drug dealers. The SWAT team will need to succesfully resolve hostage situations. Thankfully, you and your SWAT team will be able to use the SWAT van to knock vehicles out of the way and then use the van as cover as you push forward into buildings and across enemy lines.

October DLC - Screenshot 3

• 20 new missions and 4 different missions types
• Exclusive new cop outfit with extra damage resistance
• Exclusive new armoured SWAT vehicle
Tactical Soldier Pack

Enforce the streets in style with a powerful new weapon and armour
October DLC - Screenshot 4

For the one-man army approach, the Tactical Soldier Pack's included gear is highly recommended. "Dominating the streets" of Hong Kong is putting it lightly, as you will be carrying the most destructive weapon in the game, and be wearing the strongest armour to go with it. If you've played ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Civil Discord’ missions, you'll have already met this particular Assualt Rifle that packs a gorgeous under barrel grenade launcher. The monster weapon and beastly armour will be made available at your apartments, ready for causing carnage whenever you please.

That's it for the juicy details fo far. Price tags and specific release dates will soon be on the way for Sleeping Dogs upcoming DLC packs, and we'll be sure to give you guys all the details once they are revealed.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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