A New Set of Assassin's Creed III Screens

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
This morning we have another batch of fresh screenshots to bolster the already impressive collection of Assassin's Creed III assets here on TrueAchievements. Honestly these are some of the best looking captures to date if you ask me. We see a rather satisfying economy of bullets, some intimidating weather effects, and as a bonus, a snowman!

New screenshot 4

New screenshot 3

New screenshot 5

New screenshot 2

New screenshot 1

New screenshot 6

For more information and a glimpse inside the Animus so to speak, head back and check out the series of Inside Assassin's Creed III videos Ubisoft have been sharing. There's four in total so far, so be sure to check the related links section at the bottom of the article and work your way backwards through the full set.

There's not too much of a wait left now as Assassin's Creed III will arrive just in time for the holidays on October 30th in North America and October 31st in Europe.