Windows Mobile 7 Annoucement

By Xsarthis, 8 years ago
If you've been waiting with bated breath to see what new features will come with WinMo 7, you are in luck. With the official announcement from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, we now know what kind of Xbox Live integration Microsoft has in store for us.

Though early speculation pointed to just a new WinMo OS, instead we got the coming out of a Windows Smart Phone, an obvious Zune-centric answer to the iPhone and Android. The front end of the program shows a menu with six icons known as hubs: People, Music+Videos, Pictures, Games (as seen above), Marketplace, and Office.

People will not just be an normal address book feature, but will provide links to various social networks for the Twitter and Facebook addicted folks out there. Pictures is fairly straight forward, providing nothing new or innovative. The Music+Video and Marketplace hubs are the Zune portion of the phone. With the Office hub we will have MS Office mobile support, OneNote, and SharePoint.

Finally, the part the matters to us, the Games Hub will be our mobile rabbit-hole into the world of Xbox Live. Courtesy of Gamerscore Blog we have this list of features that will be available to Live users:

The games hub will provide many popular Xbox LIVE gaming and community features found on the Xbox 360 today, including the ability to:

· Collect Achievements and build your Gamerscore
· View Xbox LIVE leaderboards
· See your Xbox LIVE Avatar
· Access Spotlight feeds, including the latest tips and tricks, game news, updates and more
· Add Xbox LIVE friends to your friends list while out on the go
· Turn-based (asynchronous) multiplayer gaming

All in all, this wasn't just an announcement for a simple OS, but an all new smart phone for the ever growing cellular market.