TrueAchievements Viral Month 2012

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Good Afternoon/Evening TrueAchievements community!

Those of you who have been around the site a little while may recall that, last year, we ran a little event called "Viral Month", the purpose of which was to help your fellow gamer get those sometimes tricky-to-acquire viral achievements.

Well, many of you have asked, and yes, we are running Viral Month once again! It'll be going throughout the month of October, and we've put in a lot of work to make the event just as successful as it was last time, as well as streamlining the process to make registration simple as possible.

Here's Community Events Team Manager Chad and Jessie to tell you all about it:

Chad and Jessie said:
Hello fellow TA’ers,

You’ve been asking for it and it is my pleasure to announce For those of you that don’t remember, Viral Month is a month long community event aimed at spreading Viral based achievements. Throughout the entire month of October the Community Events Team will be working hard, setting up sessions based off of the infected hosts available times, so we all can earn these Viral Achievements.

While browsing through the list, you may have noticed we have stretched our definition of viral for this event. In addition to what was included last year, this year we are including achievements that can be shared similar to a viral achievement, if you have a host who has met specific requirements and/or friends you on LIVE; for example
Bejeweled Blitz LIVEPopularity TycoonThe Popularity Tycoon achievement in Bejeweled Blitz LIVE worth 82 pointsFriendscore is all your friends' scores added up. You've hit 1 million all-time! (Classic/Twist)
If a host has earned 1 million points in either Twist or Classic by themselves, they can share this achievement just by adding people to their LIVE friends list.

Do you have germs you’d like to spread? Please register to host and we’ll start filling up the Community Event Sessions calendar with Viral Sessions. Remember the registration page can be edited and managed by you at any time. If you want to earn virals from our generous session hosts, please join the sessions we'll be creating on the Community Event Sessions calendar. If you’ve gained a Viral Achievement during the month, why not spread it forward and let’s infect as many TA’ers in October as possible.

Viral Month starts October 1st and runs all day, every day through October 31st. Clear your schedules, add your needed virals to your boost request list, stock up on your preferred method of protection, and let’s start spreading these Viral Achievements.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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