WWE '13 Gameplay Modes Revealed

By Chewie, 6 years ago
THQ recently revealed two game modes that will be appearing in their upcoming 'wrasslin' title, WWE '13 as well as some screenshots showing off each mode.

The 'I Quit' match will be making its return to the series after an eight year absence. This gruelling match involves combatants dishing out as much damage as they can to their opponent in a one-on-one, no holds barred event, before attempting to make them submit by saying 'I Quit' into a microphone. The player who is being forced to say those humiliating words then has to play a target-zone based minigame to avoid submitting. The downed opponent can also use a stored finisher to automatically avoid having to say 'I Quit', at the expense of being able to use the finisher to gain the upper hand. The opposing player can also use unique submission moves to initiate the mini-game and unique Intimidation Taunts to make it harder for their opponent to stay in the game.

24/09/12 - I Quit 1

24/09/12 - I Quit 2

The 'King of the Ring' mode will allow players to create their own custom tournament, selecting the number of participants (4, 8 or 16) and the types of matches to use (normal, backstage brawl, Hell in a Cell, WWE Iron Man, Ladder Match, Last Man Standing, Steel Cage, Submission, Table, TLC and Extreme Rules). A Diva King of the Ring tournament will also be an option. The winner will be crowned 'King of the Ring' in a special crowning ceremony cut scene.

24/09/12 - KotR 1

24/09/12 - KotR 2

WWE '13 is due for release on October 30th.
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