Saints Row: The Third-The Full Package Announced

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
If you're anything like me, and who's to say you're not, you enjoy the finer things in life: a good burrito, kisses from puppies, and hot game-on-game action. Fortunately that third group is about to get a little extra love at a discount price. Today, THQ and Volition announced Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package, which is set to include the base game as well as all of that delicious, juicy DLC.

Do you require further elaboration and enlightenment as to EXACTLY what this big package includes? Say no more. The premiere edition of Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package includes:

Saints Row: The Third
"Genkibowl VII"
"Gangstas In Space"
"The Trouble With Clones"
More than 30 bonus DLC items from such hits as the "Shark Attack pack", "Witches & Wieners pack", "Special Operations pack", and the "Genki Girl Vehicle pack".

Now I know what some all of you are thinking. You're thinking, "Wow, obj, that's quite an offer, what is this magnificent package going to cost? What do I have to do to bring it home? TELL ME NOW!"

Fortunately, all of the sweet, sweet goodness of Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package will be yours for the low-low price of $49.99 and you can get your dirty, dirty hands on it starting on November 6th in North America, and internationally on November 9th, 2012.

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Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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