NBA 2K13 Controls Trailer and Demo Released

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
2K Sports is stepping up their A-game with the upcoming release of NBA 2K13 by giving fans the ultimate match-up of elite Dream Teams, and an arsenal of beats to dish the rock and sing along too.

A new trailer released today, detailing how your inner baller will now have full control of how to dipsy-doodle dunkaroo.

Want to test your skills on the court? Get your hands on the demo that released today.

Play one quarter of gameplay from the 2012 NBA Finals as the Miami Heat take on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Choose to play online over Xbox LIVE (Xbox Gold Subscription required) or offline against the AI or a friend sitting next to you. This NBA 2K13 demo also includes full Kinect support, allowing you to set strategies, call plays, make substitutions and more with intuitive verbal commands.
NBA 2K13 will be available on October 2nd.