Use Heavy Armour to Kill in Battlefield 3

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The "Armored Kill" DLC may have been available to Battlefield 3 Premium members for two weeks now, but non-Premium members have had to wait until today for the DLC to be released onto the Marketplace. The DLC adds a new game mode, new multiplayer maps and new vehicles, as well as five new achievements worth a total of 120G.

If you own Battlefield 3™ Premium, DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again. This is one of five expansion packs included in Battlefield 3 Premium. You might want to consider Battlefield 3 Premium instead. Battlefield 3™: Armored Kill ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield™ can do. Featuring new vehicles and persistence, Armored Kill also includes the biggest map in Battlefield history.
Those of you who still need a look at the DLC before deciding on a purchase may wish to look at the launch trailer or screenshots.

"Battlefield™ 3: Armored Kill" costs 1200 MSP and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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