NFS: Most Wanted Get Wanted Trailer

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
Just over one week ago we showed you a trailer detailing the single player action for EA and Criterion Games' newest game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). Today, they were gracious enough to release another trailer for us to enjoy.

As you have just seen from the video above, you will have unprecedented freedom and power at your fingertips while you experience the epic, high-energy, in the capacious open-world of Fairhaven: where the potential for adventures are virtually endless.

Make trouble for the cops and take them on the way you want. Dodge roadblocks to evade them. Blast past at high speeds to outrun them. Use Brute force to take them down. Go off-road to lose them and for the first time ever, experience the thrill of finding and seamlessly switching cars mid-chase to outsmart them. All whilst seamlessly competing with your friends and rivals to leave your mark in the world and become Most Wanted.

Breaking 20 years of convention, drive any car you like! No more grinding to unlock the automobile of your dreams. Find it. Drive it. Get Wanted.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted will be speeding to your Xbox 360 on October 30th.