Skate 3 Developer Diaries and New Game Info

By zigs00, 8 years ago
EA have released two developer diaries for the upcoming Skate 3, explaining in more detail about the game's plot, co-op modes and new features.

As previously announced, co-operatively play is taking centre stage this time round, with the game's plot revolving around creating your team and building up sponsors and sales while tearing up Port Carverton, as well as competing against other teams out there over Live. Your team can be all A.I. or with friends over Live, and each player will work together to beat the goals and challenges the game sets, as well as having individual roles within the team. I can't think of a cool, street way of explaining it any better, so it's definitely worth watching the videos for the full explanation.

The videos also highlight how much more customisation is available this time around, from your character to your team, logo, footage and even skate parks. It definitely looks to be far vaster than previous iterations of the Skate series in terms of how much creativity you can pour into your world.

The game will add a bunch of new competitive online modes, such a "1UP", "Domination" and "Own the Lot" (which are mainly team-based variants of S.K.A.T.E. and Own the Spot), as well as more Hall of Meat options. The game is also utilises the skate.feed far better than the previous games, tying the community together with all the news, stats and friend's info at your fingertips.

Whereas the previous trailers and gameplay footage they've shown of the game have really disappointed me - the actual skating lacking the fluidity and realism that made me love the original - it definitely seems like Black Box have stepped up their game and improved that tenfold, these videos displaying far better and smoother gameplay, in my humble opinion.

You can see the videos for yourself here:
and Part 2 here:

Skate 3 is currently scheduled for release in May.