Forza Horizon: Behind the Scenes Episode 2

By Kendrene, 7 years ago
The first behind-the-scenes developer diary for Forza Horizon introduced gamers to the members of Playground Games, nighttime racing and some of the new features you will find in the upcoming racer.

In this episode, the developers give you a tour of Colorado, where the Forza Horizon racing action is going to take place. See how the developers at Playground Games brought the legendary driving roads of Colorado to life in the game.

The team talks about the actual trips they took to Colorado to map out the environments you will be racing through, selecting the most iconic spots that were then reproduced in the game. Colorado was selected because of the locations' variety it has to offer, from deserts and rocky canyons to snow capped mountains.

There are plenty of retailer-specific pre-order bonuses and a Collector's Edition available if you decide to pull the trigger on your purchase. A VIP membership, which will allow drivers to receive exclusive and early access content, has also been detailed. Forza Horizon will come over the horizon in North America on October 23rd and in Europe on October 26th.

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Credit for this story goes to METAL MIN0TAUR