Phantom Breaker Cancelled For North America

By Dog of Thunder,
Phantom Breaker (NA) has had a busy year, filled with trailers and XBLA spin-offs, but yet we never did see the actual retail fighting game on store shelves. After many, many delays which originally pushed back a March release to April, and then to June and even 2013, the inevitable became official earlier today.

Those of you whom pre-ordered Phantom Breaker from Gamestop received a phone call, informing you that the anime fighter has been cancelled. While we have not heard any word on Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds, if the parent title was cancelled, the odds of seeing a side-scrolling spin-off are significantly lower.

For the dozen of you that are distraught over this news, you may cry into your morning coffee. It's okay, we understand. Thanks to all of you distraught gamers out there whom alerted us to this situation.

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