Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Detailed

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
The wait is over zombie lovers and all the info has arrived for the new zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Fans of the original introduction to the game mode back in Call of Duty: World at War may have not known that originally 'Zombie Mode' was going to be a throw-away mode. Aren't you happy it's still around and kickin'?

This time around expect something bigger, much, much bigger. What you used to know about 'Zombie Mode' is only a slight percentage of what Treyarch has in-store for their next installment.

Recently, all of the details regarding the fan-favourite mode and a trailer have surfaced, that will be sure to ignite the zombie slaying skills in even the most passive of us.

In this game mode players will not be restricted to one area or map. Instead gamers will be thrust into an open-world in which Mark Lamia, Senior Producer for Treyarch, states:

Because it's open and because there are multiple locations in this world where you can play and where the infestation is, there's different strategies about how you can approach it," he adds. It's a much bigger world with much more going on.Moving through the world in the bus has tactical advantages, such as speed; however, it isolates players and can become very difficult to escape from. Going it on foot "into the fog" – which players can do by themselves or as part of the group – also has its perks, but puts players in the middle of danger.
Another new addition to this game mode is something known as "buildables". Players will find objects strewn througout the world that will allow them to create weapons, tools, and other gadgets to help them open other areas of the world. You can attempt Tranzit alone or with up to four of your murderous, zombie-slaying buddies.

This is the classic mode that ignited the love for the zombie mode and holds true to its original roots by using aspects of 'tranzit' yet closing off areas in order to make the gameplay more frantic and intense.

The pack-a-punch machine returns, as do perks and four player co-op.

Grief is an eight player competitive zombie-survival mode. It will take place in the world of Tranzit and focus on two-teams going head-to-head to see who can out-survive the other.

Mark Lamia stated:
This is what I've called in the past '4z4. It's really humans versus zombies, because the zombies don't care what team you're on. They just want human flesh and brains.
This mode is not to be confused as a team-deathmatch with zombie survival elements. The two human teams cannot shoot each other at any moment during the game. On the upside however, players can block passages to safer areas and hinder the process for the opposing team.

Here is a trailer that incorporates many of the above modes all packed into one zombie-filled trailer:

Custom Games:
Mark Lamia described how players will now be able to create their own game modes based on the other game modes described above:
Now we're going to let you create custom games of the modes I just talked about. Creating a custom zombie game, players can make a series of decisions including setting a starting round (with players given points at the beginning of the match that are relative to the round choice, so players can purchase weapons and items to help them survive), you can set challenges like 'Headshots Only' at the beginning of the match or at specific rounds, turn magic items off (no perk machines, no 'Pack-a-Punch,' no mystery boxes). Lamia says there will be a laundry list of tweaks players can make.
What is your take on the expansive new additions to the zombie mode?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be available worldwide November 6th.

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