Xbox LIVE Rewards Now Rewarding Your GamerScore

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
When last we spoke to you about the Xbox LIVE Rewards program, it was to let you know that Microsoft teased the concept that they may begin giving rewards out based on achievements. As it turns out, this was a little misleading as what they actually intended to reward was GamerScore.

As promised, it's now fall, and the lid has been lifted on the latest way to earn a little something back from Microsoft via the rewards program. As detailed here, there is now a new section on the rewards site called "My Achievements". Here, you can view what rewards you receive for that hard-earned GS of yours.

Keep in mind, TAers, that you likely don't represent the majority of gamers, so don't scoff at the numbers below, just appreciate that you've been in the top tier of this new program for a long time.

The first level is the Contender level. The requirement? That you have 3000G or higher. The reward? A "Special Gift* during your birth month that according to the footnote on the site is worth a whopping 25 cents.

The second level is the Champion level, and requires you to have a GamerScore of 10,000. At this level, you not only get your special birthday gift, but you also receive a "1% rebate on your Xbox LIVE Marketplace purchases every month"

The third, and final, level is the Legend level, which requires you to have a whopping 25,000 or more GamerScore. In additiion to your birthday gift, this tier earns you a 2% rebate on you XBL purchases every month.

Note that for all of the rebates, you must "have and maintain an eligible Xbox LIVE Gold membership and the applicable GamerScore for the appropriate tier by the first of every month in order to be eligible".

In addition to this news, Xbox LIVE Rewards has also expanded its available regions. Now, if you find yourself located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain or Italy, you're eligible to receive these goodies.

For those of you under that 25,000G tier, what are you waiting for? Go play some games and get some rewards!

Thanks to all the community members who sent this one in!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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