Darksiders Mystery Code's Purpose Revealed

By Zach Cooper FBI, 8 years ago
Right now, those of you who received a promotion code with the game Darksiders have a chance at using that code to get a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla. The promotion also comes along with a disk containing art, videos and other goodies for Darksiders fans.

While there seems to be some conflicting reports, the offer seems to be available until March 7th, 2010, and only to residents of the United States.

You can redeem your code for your Xbox copy with this link:

The offer is also available for those of you close to your PS3 consoles, which you can find here:

Finally if you did not receive a promo code, you can still take a shot at snagging a free game by using snail mail. A PDF outlining that information can be found here:

The PDF also seems to imply that if you have yet to buy a copy of Darksiders, you can still do so and get in on the promotion before the offer expires.

One final thing to be aware of: it seems the offer may not be completely free, depending on your location you may have to pay shipping and handling charges for your "free game".

Seems like a neat way to reward loyal customers and offers like these do not come around often, so if you are eligible, you should take advantage of it. Heck, even if you are not eligible, I say give it a try and let them know Darksiders has fans outside of the United States as well. Until then, I will sit here and make a frowny face, wishing I could get a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla, too.
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