A World of Keflings is Not so Nice

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Nine months ago, fans of A World of Keflings were asked to vote for the second piece of DLC to arrive for the title. A few days later, the winner was announced: "Candy for Keflings" with 40% of the vote. Ever since the announcement, NinjaBee has been hard at work on the new content. In June we brought you the latest screenshots for the title, but everything went quiet as the Avatar FameStar update was prepared. Now the developer is back with the first trailer for the DLC. Dance with the Sugar Plum Fairy right until the very end of the trailer for a surprise!

Microsoft's official XBLA blog, PlayXBLA, confirmed back in June that "Candy" would be the second of three pieces of DLC for the game. Those of you who voted for "A Graveyard for Keflings" in the poll will be pleased to know that it is very, very likely that this will be the third piece of DLC if the trailer is anything to go by. "Graveyard" came second in the poll with 31% of the votes.

Despite the new trailer, "A Candy for Keflings" still does not have an official release date or price. We'll bring you more information on both this and the third piece of DLC as we get it.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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