Indie Games Spotlight for September 30th, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
Diehard Dungeon is a top down dungeon crawler that likes to spill pixelated blood.

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"Welcome to the dungeon. Those (un)lucky few that are chosen, face great riches and great perils. Good luck!" A randomly generated dungeon is created every time you play. Discover the dungeons many secrets and multiple outcomes. Do you have what it takes to survive the dungeon?

RELEASE DATE: 11/09/2012
DEVELOPER: tricktale
GENRE: Action & Adventure

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Dolby Digital
The third game in the Indie Games Uprising promotion brings you a 3D-ish top-down dungeon crawler, where you and your companion chest scour these deadly dungeons for loot.

Fans of dungeon crawlers will find this game familiar. You wake up trapped in a dungeon, and upon finding a sword you need to fight your way out of each room. Finding keys and loot along the way, you will also help a companion chest who will then help you hold all of the loot you find along the way.

The puzzles and enemies progress slightly as you find yourself deeper in the dungeon, and the loot you find will get better along the way. Not quite as punishing as some other recent dungeon games, the difficulty is still enough to keep you honest as you fight your way through the rooms.

Diehard Dungeon can be added to your Indie Games collection for 80 MSP.

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Written by mancide
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