TA Gaming Stats - September 24th to 30th 2012

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Last week saw Borderlands 2 storming its way to the top spot and finally giving the Stats articles something worth shouting about after a few weeks of fairly dull numbers. Quite a few people predicted in the comments that it would continue to retain pole position, but others thought that FIFA 13 would prove to be the more popular game.

So, which game claims the number one position? Are there any other surprises this week? Why don’t my Ewok helpers, the Statistcles, wear pants?

All these questions and more will be answered below, so pull up your comfiest chair and settle in to this week’s Stats on TA.

This report is for the period September 24th to September 30th 2012.

Games Started
18,245 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 26,257 games between them (1,619 different games).

As I was saying, last week Borderlands 2 showed everyone who is boss and took the table by storm. This week, the popular football title FIFA 13 shoots and, indeed, scores as it reminds Borderlands 2 that it’s not nice to brag and inches into the lead.

Before all you footie fans start chanting 'Football's coming home', 'Zer0, who are you?’, ‘Salvador, what a bore’ et cetera, let’s take out the magnifying glass and have a closer look at the numbers themselves for a moment. The gap between the two games isn’t exactly huge and, whilst FIFA 13 pulls in respectable numbers of almost 4000 (much better than any new games from the past couple of months), let’s remember that Borderlands 2 pulled in around 18,500 starters last week. That's over four times the amount of the sports title. So, yes, FIFA 13 takes the win for now, but I think the overall trophy (I don't have a trophy) has to go to Borderlands 2. More on the gun-filled RPG’s extreme domination can be found in today’s monthly Stats article for September.

FIFA 13's success this week really highlights how much more popular in terms of sales it is compared to its rival, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Right now, almost 12 times the amount of people have started FIFA 13 (nearly 8000) than Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (around 600), really showing where most fans' loyalty lies. So which game of the beautiful game is your favourite and why?

New releases make up the bulk of the rest of this week’s Retail Games Started, with the bouncy Dead or Alive 5, the shambling Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360) and the beaky Angry Birds Trilogy all making appearances. You may be wondering why the Resident Evil 6 numbers in particular are so meagre, considering how popular and well established the series is. Well, the official release date in all territories was October 2nd, so all the 477 people who played it on this week’s stats were playing a pre-release version. Expect the numbers for that one to spread and grow next week, just like a good zombie outbreak should.

Rocksmith makes a respectable appearance with nearly 300 new starters, thanks to the long-awaited European release after a lengthy legal battle blocked the sale of the game outside America.

Top Retail Games Started

I’d say that new releases dominate the top three spots on this week’s Arcade Games Started, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and Jet Set Radio are both re-releases of classic games, whilst Fire Pro Wrestling is a new version of a classic wrasslin’ series, featuring our own avatars in spandex.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is the only brand new game and original IP to make its debut this week. The psychedelic. gore-strewn, rainbow-explosion of a game was well received by our resident review-crafter, but unfortunately the numbers aren’t too impressive. Will this dead rabbit live long enough to see another week on the charts or will it be jumping down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again? Find out next week.

Fable Heroes retains similar numbers to last week thanks to an ongoing half-price sale for the title, in preparation for the imminent release of Fable: The Journey.

Top Arcade Games Started

The previous week’s Deal of the Week ensures Tiki Towers (WP) retains the top spot for Windows Phone Games Started, with this week’s Deal of the Week pulling into second with Let's Golf 2 (WP).

Other recent releases, Crimson Dragon: Side Story (WP) and Contre Jour (WP), retain respectable positions at third and fifth, whereas this week’s new release, the split-region football title https://www.trueachievements.com/Real-Football/achievem....htm / Real Soccer (WP) doesn’t make an appearance; probably because the players are technically split across two separate titles.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Games Completed
5,102 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 6,943 games between them (1,090 different games).

Last week, I wondered when Borderlands 2 would first pop up on Retail Games Completed: this week or maybe the week after. Well, not only does it pop up this week, but there it is, right at the top. Let's not forget though, that that position shouldn't make you think this game is an easy completion. Consider this: as of the time of writing, nearly 40,000 people have started the game, whilst less than 700 have finished it (1.71%). So it would seem that the reason it sits atop this week's table is mostly due to the sheer number of people who have the title, rather than any indication of how easy it is to finish.

The rest of this week's table reads very similarly to last week's, with recent DLC recipients, Battlefield 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, still holding in strong, as well as an easy completion (for a sandbox title) in, Sleeping Dogs.

Top Retail Games Completed

Come on guys! I know you can do it. I know you can finish some more Arcade games in order to knock The Walking Dead (Xbox 360) from its endless, undead perch. Whilst the numbers for the zombie title continue to steadily drop, nothing is even coming close to challenging it, and I fear that nothing will, before the next episode of the game is released. Please, prove me wrong and get to completing something else: just to shake things up.

The top four spots are identical to last week - even the numbers aren't hugely different. New releases, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, make a perhaps surprising appearance. It would seem that neither are particularly difficult to finish up; Hell Yeah! in particular (over 20% of players have completed it as of now).

Top Arcade Games Completed

Roll in the Hole (WP) proves as ever-present as The Walking Dead on Windows Phone Completed. The numbers are about half what they were last week, however, so don't expect it to stick around at the top for much longer.

Monster Island (WP) and Tiki Towers (WP) both continue to prove themselves as easy completions too, with both games averaging around 1/3 of players having finished them. That's not a patch on Roll in the Hole's over 2/3 of players completed, however.

Despite being a popular starter this week, don't expect to see Let's Golf 2 on here any time soon, if ever: it has an unobtainable achievement.

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Achievements Won
51,928 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 635,236 achievements online between them (43,478 different achievements).

Despite the numbers being significantly lower, Borderlands 2 again makes a clean sweep on this week's Retail Achievements Won showing that, although more people have started FIFA 13 this week, more people are actually playing Borderlands 2.

Interestingly, most of this week's achievements are later story ones, following on nicely from last week's early story achievements. Will next week feature the final story achievements or will another game disrupt things?

Top Retail Achievements Won

As predicted last week, The Walking Dead has pulled Jet Set Radio from the top spots on Arcade Achievements Won, with achievements for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins punching and kicking their way into the top two. It may not be obvious, but Marvel features on the rest of the chart, thanks to a themed Deal of the Week reducing the cost of Marvel tables in Pinball FX2.

The Wet Flush in Full House Poker may seem random, but it's thanks to a particularly easy achievement in the recent "Texas Heat, Fall 2012 Season" DLC. Wet Flush also sounds like something my Statisticle, Reginald, did whilst in the water closet this morning. He is both incompetent and incontinent.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Tiki Towers tops the table again this week for Windows Phone Achievements Won, with quite a few achievements for Let's Golf 2 also making the list. Unfortunately, this only highlights that the game would probably be a nice easy completion if it weren't for that pesky unobtainable.

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

A few of you correctly predicted that Role-Playing would retain its significant lead in Genre this week, but should we expect things to change next week as the numbers for Resident Evil 6 shamble in?

FIFA 13 does what the last few weeks' numerous sports releases failed to do and kicks Sports into second place with almost double the numbers of last week.

Apart from those big changes, the order and the numbers remain relatively unchanged on Genre. Boooooring!

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Role-Playing8,711,153
  • Sports2,983,982
  • Action-Adventure2,792,586
  • Shooter2,353,340
  • Action1,641,442
  • Racing806,202
  • Platformer321,025
  • Music & Rhythm319,853
  • Adventure309,769
  • Puzzle302,800

That's all for Stats for another week. We're still recovering from the Pandora domination (Pandomination?!) of last week and, whilst things have settled down ever so slightly, the next few weeks see some big releases coming out to vie for glory.

As ever, PM me for any ideas you have for Stats, but no more pictures of your junk please. Nobody wants to see that rubbish *insert drum flourish and laugh track*
Written by Chewie
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