WRC3 Challenge Modes Detailed

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Black Bean and Milestone's WRC 3 is getting close to its release date. So close, in fact, that you'd think that most major details of the game would already be out there for your consumption. It seems, however, that they had at least one more trick up their sleeve.

WRC 3, as we know, will have a career mode, but this one will introduce different challenges that you will have to overcome if you want to become the best driver in the world. There are eight unique challenge types, the details of which are listed below.

- Drift Contest: Coloured poles are positioned along the road and the driver is awarded points to drift the car as near to them as possible.
- Rally School Contest: The player has to race on a section of a Special Stage trying to keep the car inside the cones.
- Crash & Run: Negotiate with the tracks hitting the bonus points and avoiding the minus points.
- Gate Contest: Reach the finish line avoiding obstacles along the track. Obstacles consist of a series of gates, some of them fake which can be easily destroyed and others that are far thicker, slowing the car down when hit. Every gate has an indicator that shows if it's a fake or not. However, the indicator is only activated when the player is very close. It's all about speed and reflexes!
- Survival Contest: Your car will degrade as the clock counts down, the only way to pass the challenge is to reach the finish line as fast as possible whilst passing over Repair Kits that will give the car a bit of health back.
- Top Rally Contest: The player races through a Special Stage driving to beat his opponent who is in a "Special Vehicle". Beat the vehicle to earn the highest points.
- Combo Contest: Mixes two or more mechanics from the other challenges.

Finally, the Boss Battle – in total 7 – will try the players abilities through a special head to head mode. They will have the chance to race against the boss driver of the track trying to reach the first position. This final stage race will allow access to the next track on the career mode.
Milestone also released several pictures and a brand new trailer showcasing the various challenge modes.
Rally School Contest Screen 2

Rally School Contest Screen 1

Gate Contest Screen 1

Drift Contest Screen 2

Drift Contest Screen 1

Crash and Run Screen 2

Crash and Run Screen 1

Combo Contest Screen 3

Combo Contest Screen 2

Combo Contest Screen 1

Challenge Screen 3

Challenge Screen 2

Challenge Screen 1

Boss Race

WRC 3 will be released on October 12th. You can check out details about the demo for the game right here.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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