New Dead Space 3 Trailer

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
More Dead Space 3 news arrived today in the form of an additional trailer. So far we've covered the co-op elements that are new to the Dead Space series, and which divided opinion somewhat. We were left to wonder whether the game was 'losing its roots', as some of the later screenshots focused on action and gunplay.

However, if you checked out the recent Walkthrough of the Eudora, Visceral Games have definitely retained the element of suspense and that difficult air of genuine tension, which was very reassuring to see. Whilst there is certainly a preference to 'bigger' action moments and gunplay (as evidenced by the ability to gun craft), the links to the original Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are still very clear here.

Don't take my word for it though, be sure to head back and check out those previous articles and then we'll meet back here for the latest trailer that should help paint a bigger picture. Let's hand it back over to Isaac and the Necromorphs:

We can expect plenty more assets before Dead Space 3 arrives in stores on February 5th in North America and February 8th in Europe.