Even More WWE '13 Entrance and Finisher Videos

By Chewie, 6 years ago
THQ would like to remind everyone that the roster for their upcoming wrestling title WWE '13 is, well, it's huge. We've already covered a whole heap of videos for the entrances and finishers of a wide selection of the WWE's finest from past and present, and today we have even more.

Daniel Bryan - No Lock

Hunico - Falling Star

Jack Swagger - Gutwrench Powerbomb and Ankle Lock

John Cena '04 - Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment

Rated-R Lita - Litasault

Shawn Michaels - Sweet Chin Music

Paul Wight (aka Big Show) - Chokeslam

Want to check out the other superstars that we've covered so far? Well take a look here, here, here and here. Oh, and don't forget here and here as well.

I feel like I'm missing something...oh yeh, here's some more.

WWE '13, which will strongly focus on the Attitude era, will be available on October 30th.

P.S. Here too.
Written by Chewie
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