Adera Info Hints At Some Answers

By Kendrene,
Adera (Win 8) is part of the first wave of Windows 8 titles.

adera 1

In Adera you step into the role of Jane, who is travelling to the Atacama in search of her grandfather. Once there, she discovers that he has gone rogue and in search for answers she uncovers a mysterious energy source that supposedly opens the path to reach Utopia, which is as much a spiritual condition as it is physical.

The origins of this new form of energy are actually deeply rooted into the past. It is said that many centuries ago, an organization of advanced thinkers and inventors came upon what they felt was the path to Utopia. In order to reach this state, they decided to distance themselves from society in order to pursue their lofty goal. They called themselves the Aderans.

During her adventures, Jane discovers that her grandfather is not only an Aderan himself, but one of a council of seven known as the Elders. It soon becomes apparent that she is the one destined to lead the final quest to save not only her relative, but the entire world and maybe discover where the path to Utopia truly leads.

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Stay tuned for more news regarding Adera and its mysteries.

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