Hitman: Absolution Introduces The Kill

By Kendrene, 5 years ago
Killing is an art. That is not what he has been taught when his name was taken away from him nor when the pain of the brand seared the back of his head and his memory. While the knowledge of the kill has been inbred into the very matter of his being, elevating it to art is his own doing. It comes from the experience of the hunt, it is encapsulated in the secret patterns spilled blood follows, when spattering a floor rain-like. He is like an augur of the ancient times, who knows the outcome of the chase through scrutiny of his targets' way of death.

He has been kneeling on the cold, hard concrete far too long. When he moves with cat-like grace his kneecaps ache in protest. No wonder, he muses with a wry smile. Hitman: Absolution is the fifth iteration of the series and even assassins' are subject to the touch of time. A slip is all it takes for the guards to notice him. All the carefully drawn plans are cancelled in the blink of an eye, the patterns shift, voices are raised in fearful alarm. He is discovered, surrounded, finished. But not resigned.

There are so many ways to kill. Discovery does not equal failure and brute force is art in its own right.

Hitman: Absolution is due to be released worldwide on November 20th. This is also the first game in the series to introduce its own twist to multiplayer, through the all-new contracts mode.