Customize Your Homepage

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
A request I've had outstanding since way back in the day is for a way to re-order and have more control over the panels on the right side of the homepage.

It wasn't been a particularly easy problem to solve, so I left it for a (long) while.

This weekend I had a bit of a brainwave as to how it could work, and lo and behold I cracked it!

So, you now have a new page linked from the Customize menu - Customize Homepage

From here you can choose the header colour of the all the panels, select Hidden to hide them, and, best of all, drag and drop them around to change their order. Enjoy!

I would also like to mention the amazing work the content team has done in creating a whole load of new achievement icons. You can find details of the new flags from the Useful Links menu.

Thanks all!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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