Cracking Sands (WP) Details & Screens

By Chewie, 6 years ago
A new off-road racing game entitled Cracking Sands (WP), will soon be skidding its way to Windows Phones.

05/10/2012 - Logo

The game, from mobile developers Polarbit, will deliver a 'brutal off-road racing experience'. Prepare to get your tyres caked up with grit, mud, sand and petrol as you carve a destructive path through chaotic environments. A campaign mode will reward successful racers with gold to buy upgrades and unlock race modes.

A variety of modes will be available, including:
• Normal Race - Compete in a standard race against up to 6 other racers
• Head of the Pack - Try and maintain pole position for longer than your opponents to rack up points
• Elimination - Each lap that passes, the person in last place is eliminated, until only one racer remains
• Time Trial - race against the clock and try to outdo your own ghost or those of your friends on Xbox LIVE
Check out this selection of screens showing the desert driving in action:

05/10/2012 - Screen 1

05/10/2012 - Screen 2

05/10/2012 - Screen 3

05/10/2012 - Screen 4

05/10/2012 - Screen 5

05/10/2012 - Screen 6

05/10/2012 - Screen 7

05/10/2012 - Screen 8

Cracking Sands for Windows Phone doesn't currently have a release date set, so keep your eye on TA as more details develop.
Written by Chewie
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