UK Prime Minister Confident In UK Games Industry

By Zach Cooper FBI, 8 years ago
Gordon Brown - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Said:
We're leading the way in creative industries, by far the biggest producer of computer games in Europe
You can take his words many different ways. But in a podcast released from the Global Investment Conference, Gordon Brown seemed rather pleased with how the UK games industry is developing. This must be somewhat comforting to UK developers, especially after they were recently denied some government tax breaks they had been hoping for.

I have always been a fan of UK game develoment, like Bizarre Creations, Codemasters, Criterion, Lionhead, Realtime Worlds, Rockstar North and even the guys who brought us Overlord, Triumph Studios. Really many of the best games the world plays often come from the UK and many don't realize it. The United Kingdom has played a large role in the history of gaming and for some reason it has been unfairly overlooked between all the attention North America and Japan seem to create. Maybe that just means UK game developers would rather make great games than waste time trying to show off?

Gordon Brown also had this interesting tidbit to share with the world.

Gordon Brown Said:
And we're leading the way in digital communications. In a country with only one per cent of the world's population, more than a third of all internet traffic is routed through UK servers.
There is also optimism that the Global Investment Conference will be a great opportunity for the UK games Industry to really expand and receive more attention from some of the world's largest movers and shakers. While gaming is certainly not Gordon Brown's primary focus for the event, every bit counts and it is about time someone other than Peter Molyneux lets the world know how hard the UK is working.

Thank you to CVG for the heads up.