007 Legends Trailer & Screens Fall From the Sky

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
As one who's not too familiar with the James Bond films or games, I'm not entirely sure exactly what people do to celebrate Global James Bond Day. I'm guessing it ranges from the pretty obvious of watching a few James Bond movies to the extreme of taking your imaginary Jaguar for a spin through the countryside, killing a few goons with a huge array of ridiculous weapons and then bagging yourself a hot vintage piece of meat to go on your way home.

Eurocom, the developers behind the upcoming James Bond shooter, James Bond: 007 Legends, decided to celebrate with the release of the games opening credit cinematic trailer, which features the "original theme by David Arnold and score by Kevin Kiner".

On top of this, Eurocom and Activision have released a few screenshots for 007 Legends.

Global James Bond Day - 08.10.12 - Screen 2

Global James Bond Day - 08.10.12 - Screen 4

Global James Bond Day - 08.10.12 - Screen 5

007 Legends is set for release on October 16th for North America, and October 19th for the UK.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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