Windows Phone 7 Release: October 10th, 2012

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Use God-like powers to stop those pesky Babylonians from building a tower to reach the skies in this strategy title from Mando Productions and Ubisoft, which also has a Kinect enabled XBLA version.

Babel Rising 3D (WP) - $2.99/£2.29
Step into the sacred sandals of a great, almighty, and very angry deity. Hurl bolts of holy lightning, summon punishing earthquakes, and unleash vengeful floods upon the foolish and irreverent Humans to prevent them from building the tower of Babel.

• Destroy the Defiant Idols of Human Vanity
Prevent towers of Babel at various times in history, featuring an exciting 15 mission, single-player campaign. Improve your Godly stamina in Survival Mode.

• Only a God can rise to the challenge!
Express your wrath against insolent workers led and strengthened by:
- Protective Priests who shield workers from your spells.
- Sacred Urn Porters who slow down your powers.
- Siege Towers that help humans to access upper levels faster.
- Cargo Ships bringing stones to the yard.

• Control the Elements
Access twice as many powers as in the original game. Learn elemental attacks based on fire, water, earth and air, each with its unique effect depending on the target: the Rolling Stone, Sirocco, Meteorite Shower and many more.

• Expand the Experience
Collect Babel currency through gameplay or via in-app purchase and use it to buy scrolls, passive powers and levels to improve your skills and your gaming experience.
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