Crysis 3 Trailer Details Multiplayer Modes

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
A few lucky, nano-suited players managed to lay their hands on Crysis 3 at Gamescom. If you were not among them, Crytek has got your back. In the following trailer, Producer Mike Read explains some of the new gameplay elements introduced to the competitive modes of the upcoming shooter. The video focuses in particular on the all-new Hunter game mode, in which two players start out as permanently cloaked, Predator Bow wielding Hunters whose goal is to eliminate C.E.L.L. soldiers. When a soldier is killed, he respawns as a Hunter, slowly tipping the odds of the match until only one solider is left to resist as long as he can to the assault.

In the other mode, called Crashsite, two teams of six players each will fight to control areas around randomly deployed drop-pods. Players will be awarded points for each capture. Alien vehicles will also be deployed on the map, to help defend or attack your objective.

Get ready to hunt down C.E.L.L teams in February 2013, when Crysis 3 is expected to release.