"Ares Fall" in development

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
Over the past few months, Void Star Creations (known for their venture into XBLA territory with their cards-meets-tetris-attack debut game Poker Smash) have been unveiling details on their dev blog about their newest project, recently titled "Ares Fall".

Current stages show this project as a standard RPG with visual similarities to other popular Xbox games such as Overlord and the Fable series. Even with such obvious comparisons, Void Star are determined to put their own spin on the genre, stating in their September 29th entry that the only features they plan on including for sure are "A big world to explore. Fast paced melee and ranged combat. Loot. RPG elements. Treasure hunting."

While these may seem like the bog-standard of RPG games in today's gaming world, given what Void Star did with Poker Smash, gamers are bound to see something interesting in this project. As Ryan states in the aforementioned entry "It's all in the execution."

Various other comments in their blog posts contain hints that this project is slated for potential XBLA release, but as the game is still in early development stages, retail release is still a possibility.

Other mentions of in-game features include:
-Minimal loading screens.
-As with Poker Smash, more music composed by David Sease of Stretch Arm Strong fame.
-"Blank Slate" classing system.

*Article written by: OtisFamily
Credit for this story goes to OtisFamily