Guardians of Middle-Earth Character Reveal

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Since we last ventured into the depths of fantasy and lore regarding Monolith Productions upcoming XBLA release Guardians of Middle-Earth, we got to know a little bit about Nori and Wulfrun, delved into a trailer for Legolas and the Witch-King, and finally took a stroll with Galadrial and Ugluk.

Recently, a new trailer surfaced showcasing Felgrom and Beregond. Alongside the warrior and the tactician are a couple of bios to help familiarize yourself with them.

Beregond Bio:
A soldier of Gondor, Beregond is a skilled warrior trained from an early age to protect his homeland from its enemies without. His bravery in years of service to the Stewards have earned him a place in the elite Guard of the Citidel in Minas Tirith, the capital itself. While his fierceness in battle is renowned by his comrades in arms, Beregond also shows kindness and honor to friends of Gondor. In the face of great terror and peril, Beregond can be counted on to call forth the courage of his people, stand firm, and turn aside the enemies of the city he has sworn to protect.

Beregond Gameplay Abilities:
Turning of the Tide: Deals Damage while removing Controlling Effects
Noble Sacrifice: Taunts Enemy Guardians and Creatures
Shield of Gondor: Shield that absorbs Damage and increased Movement Speed
Guard of the Citadel: Area attack with Damage and Silence

Beregond’s Class:
Felgrom Bio:
A ticking timebomb – always moving, always running – Felgrom is as freakishly insane as he is deadly. Proficient in the use of many types of explosives, Felgrom and his kin are the vanguard of a company of soldiers of Mordor, accustomed to instilling fear in their opponents. They all delight in the prospect of their own demise, knowing that the damage they inflict on the enemies of the Dark Lord is worth the price of their own insignificant lives. Felgrom in particular is eager to leap into a crowd of enemies and engulf them in flames, allowing the madness that consumes him to destroy them as well.

Felgrom Gameplay Abilities:
Lob: Area ranged attack with Damage and Stun
Burn: Trades Damage to Enemies for loss of Health
Trap: Explosive trap with Damage and Knockup
Ka-boom: Sacrifices self to destroy Enemies

Felgrom’s Class:

Guardians of Middle-Earth will be available on December 4th for 1200 MSP.