Deadlight Patch Brings Leaderboard Fixes

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Tequila Works' contribution to this past Summer of Arcade, Deadlight, will soon be patched with a short list of fixes. While they are primarily focused on the leaderboard, I personally experienced the storage device error message so I'm glad that annoying pop-up is going away. Read on for the full list:

Stat bug: Program was not sending the stats, and after fixing this, we found that it was sending stats when an achievement was activated, even if the player already had it. This has now been fixed.

Leaderboards: Initially the player had a 25% of progress in each Act, but not in the General tab. Other wrong percentages are also fixed. NOTE: we won’t be doing a global leaderboard reset, so these will only be corrected if players post changes to the leaderboard AFTER downloading the update. For anyone who doesn’t download the update or play again, the correction won’t be made.

Error message: Randomly an error message used to appear stating that the selected storage device was full and therefore the game could not be saved. This is fixed.

Crash: There was an issue that crashed the system under several circumstances when trying to save the profile. This was because the profile size could be increased even over the maximum size allowed.

Unlocking scenes: Now all the scenes will unlock correctly. We had some wrong checkpoints where the scene ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ was unlocked twice. This also made the gameplay time to be lower than the real one.

Aiming with the gun: Sometimes when turning around very quickly, the weapon aiming was wrong.

Final credits are now skip-able.

Gameplay: When user switches from a profile with no progress to one that has progress, they are unable to access previous progress.

Gameplay times. The time shown in the scene stats was lower than the real time of gameplay. Now it runs when the player is reading the diary or the status page. Also dying or reloading any checkpoint was resetting the time. This is now fixed.

Scene Stats fixed. It was displaying times of 0 seconds, this is now fixed.
I *knew* the gameplay times were off when it gave me credit for finishing certain sections with times of 3 or 4 minutes. The patch currently has no release date, but is expected to be available very soon.