Sleeping Dogs DLC Dated

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
The streets of Hong Kong are about to get faster and a little more deadly next week when the new DLC for Sleeping Dogs is released.

We recently announced that October would see the release of two new packs, and a DLC trailer showed us a tiny bit of what we can expect from both the "Street Race Pack" and the "Tactical Soldier Pack".

The Street Racer Pack:
SleepOctober 11th

"The Street Racer Pack" will feature three new races:
Kamikaze: Race up and then back down the narrow streets to Victorias Peak.
Cross Island Enduro: An endurance motorcycle race
Harbor Run: The first high-speed boat race to come to Sleeping Dogs

Once you download the add-on, gamers will receive a new super-cycle called the Sting, and the Dragon Outfit that will include a new jacket and helmet that will reduce damage from crashes and bullets.

The Tactical Solder Pack:
When you download this pack, gamers will be treated with the most powerful weapon and strongest armour in the game. You will receive the assault rifle from the 'Funeral' mission and the 'Civil Discord' mission that will allow gamers to have a high-powered AR with under-barrel grenade launcher.

Also included will be 20 replayable co-op missions and the SWAT armour that will allow gamers to be well protected during high-impact firefights.

Senior Producer Dan Sochan stated:
Civil Discord is one of my favourite missions, and that’s in big part because of the assault rifle with its powerful grenade launcher. Sitting on top of the Golden Koi restaurant, firing out grenade after grenade at the rival gang below is true power ;) So to be able to have that gun and roam through the open world to cause some havoc is a ton of fun. This kind of ‘fun’ may cause you to get involved in a few shootouts, so the boost from the armour will come in handy!
"The Street Racer Pack" will be available on October 16th from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 320 MSP, and "The Tactical Soldier Pack" will be available on October 16th as well, for 160 MSP.

Get your racing gloves on and your trigger finger ready for these two action-packed DLC add-ons for Sleeping Dogs.
Credit for this story goes to dvdmanpa