Microsoft Unearths Intel Discovered

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Microsoft are becoming very adept at revealing games by creating pages for them over on The last game to be 'announced' in this way was a HD remake of Karateka. Knowing the game's history, we were able to give you a fair amount of information about the game. The latest game? Well, this one's a little odd...

Intel Discovered is being developed by Wahoo Studios (the studio that owns the NinjaBee brand label) and is sponsored by Intel. I'll let Microsoft tell you all about the Kinect-required XBLA game:

Do you have what it takes to be a superstar? Get schooled by Chris Evans on the secrets of the action hero. Get styled and learn how to work the runway with Chanel Iman. Rock the party with LMFAO. Live video play puts you in the action: punch, jab, kick, jump — pose, smile — surf the crowd. Pass these celebrity tests and you’ll be slated for stardom. Share the custom movie poster of you and Evans, and your magazine cover shot, with your friends.
Check out these screenshots to see exactly what you'll be expected to do:

12/10/12 Screen 1

12/10/12 Screen 2

12/10/12 Screen 3

12/10/12 Screen 4

12/10/12 Screen 5

12/10/12 Screen 6

12/10/12 Screen 7

12/10/12 Screen 8

12/10/12 Screen 9

12/10/12 Screen 10

12/10/12 Screen 11

12/10/12 Screen 12

12/10/12 Screen 13

12/10/12 Screen 14

12/10/12 Screen 15

12/10/12 Screen 16

12/10/12 Screen 17

12/10/12 Screen 18

The release date for Intel Discovered is yet to be officially confirmed. The page states October 19th as the target, but these dates have been known to be unreliable in the past.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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