Brink Release Date Slipped?

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
I have to admit, this game is coming in under my radar. When this piece of news reached me, my initial reaction was, “Brink? Don’t care.” Let me give you a little background and context for the game, and then we shall hit the news portion.

Brink is set on an unnamed planet, assumed to be Earth. The Ark was part of a “green future” according to one of the developer commentaries. It is a floating city, coasting away in one of the world’s oceans. This city was supposed to be a savior of some sort, and a high end one, where celebrities were photographed and the high class displayed their concern for a better planet.

Flash forward 20 years, it is now 2045, and The Ark is in shambles. The teaser trailer implies some sort of conflict over The Ark and the outcome could have overarching implications for the race of humanity.

The videos available at the game’s website show off a game that employs a freestyle run system like Mirror’s Edge. The game does not provide you with color coded objects that you need to hit to vault over or slide under to continue on with the game, but rather gives you the tactical option to vault over various objects that in normal shooters would stop you from moving forward.

This could provide the player (you!) with a tactical advantage in any given situation to climb to higher ground for a better sniping angle, to a well covered corner for excellent defensive camping. The developers do point out that this game is a shooter first, and not a free style running game. However, it seems to be the perfect mix of genres.

The game will have the obvious single player story missions and competitive multiplayer matches. The co-operative experience can allow up to 7 players to enjoy the story together. That, sounds very enticing. As you play the game (in any mode – offline, online, story, co-op, or multiplayer) you will be able to unlock new weapons and outfits (think Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2) to “show how much of a badass you are”.

Now here comes the news, the game was pushed back from a Spring 2010 release to the Fall of the same year. A recent Gamestop advertisement for a contest surrounding Brink let slip a September 7th release date. Now keep in mind this is nothing “official” but it is pretty close, and it gave me an excuse to check out the game.

The game is being developed by Splash Damage and published by Betheseda Softworks.