Meet the New Newshounds!

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
It has been close to four months since we recruited the last set of Newshounds to the team. Over these four months, the Newshound department has gone through many changes--some good, some bad. It is a matter of trial and error, and when the first trial fails, we can't simply stop. We've been reworking, reorganizing, restructuring. There are many great changes that I hope to see coming into effect soon, and time will tell if we've done it right this time.

The past month has been spent on much deliberation with the Newshound applications, over restructuring the department internally, and as always, learning. There is a strong learning curve for all staff positions on this site--the managers are ruthless, and we expect only the best. (Especially Jake! He's vicious...)

I won't ramble on any longer. You may have heard some of the following names, but to be honest, several of them are new to me too... but that doesn't change my faith in them, and I hope you will support them all as well. There were 8 applicants selected out of a very high number, and it was tough to narrow it down to so few.

Here they are, the new Newshounds:

Dog of Thunder
Saint Devourer
Smurf McGurf

They will be joining the team on a probationary period. Some might make it onto the team in a permanent role, while others might not. Again, time will tell!

As always, go easy on them while they ease into the role. Any complaints over the department or the team I would like sent to me personally so I can address the problems as they pop up.

To those who didn't make it, I appreciate your interest and the time you took on the application. There are a few of you I may approach in the future if I am in need of more Newshounds, so keep your inbox handy!