Marvel Heroes Do Battle in Pinball FX 2

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
ZEN Studios' XBLA tite, Pinball FX2, already offers a decent variety of superhero Pinball tables for gamers to try out, set high scores and unlock achievements on. Not looking to stop the competitive fun, ZEN have teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to bring yet another superhero style Pinball table to Pinball FX 2.

It doesn't matter that these warriors have been in the Pinball spotlight before this, as Captain America and Iron Man will be doing battle on the upcoming "Civil War" table. Players need to pick a side as Iron Man will be fighting for his Superhuman Registration Act, whilst Captain America will be fighting against it. Stuck on who to side with? Check out these screenshots to get a taste of the intense fighting to come:

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 01

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 2

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 3

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 4

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 5

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 6

16/10/12 - Civil War Screens - 7

As well as the action-packed, superhero clashing screens, a new trailer has been released as your favourite Marvel heroes prepare to fight to the death for what they believe in over a game of Pinball:

Despite tensions being at an all time high as these Marvel machines prepare to tear each other apart, a release date and a price is still yet to be confirmed for the "Civil War" table. We'll be sure to give you guys this info as soon as we can!

If you haven't already, you can get your Marvel fix while you wait with some of the DLC tables available now for Pinball FX 2.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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