Just Cause 2 Demo Coming March 4th

By WeisGuy9, 8 years ago
Attention all gamers! (Yes, that includes you PS3 and PC gamers, as well.)

Please set aside March 4, 2010 on your calendars. This day will be reserved specifically for initiating all manner of tropical mayhem and destruction. This is the day when, according to Mike Oldman, community manager for Square Enix London, the Just Cause 2 demo will be released for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC.

If you never played Just Cause, then by all means pick it up from the bargain bin at your favorite game store as it's definitely worth a play. Toppling dictators of small Central American countries while wreaking havoc throughout the nation on an unprecedented scale is quite the good time.

Just Cause 2 promises more of the same, only better. The new and improved grappling hook, for example, will not only attach you to the object of your choice, it will also let you attach the object of your choice to random innocent passers-by...objects like, oh I don't know...speeding cars. Seriously. My personal goal when this game comes out is not to actually finish it, but to see how many stationary objects, moving vehicles and hazardous pieces of equipment I can attach people to.

The March 4 demo will give us some great practice with this endeavor. The demo includes an actual mission from the game, but feel free to ignore it and go on your own personal rampage as the demo will also include all of the main abilities from the full game and a 35 square mile playground of potential mischief-making.


Are you ready to RRUUMMBBLLE?!?!

Download the demo here: http://marketplace.xbox.com/games/offers/0ddf0001-0000-4000-...