Sleeping Dogs DLC Details Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Recently, we've covered details on Sleeping Dogs' DLC packs for this month, as well as the specific dates for these packs too. Just as these mentioned extras are about to hit the Marketplace today, United Front Games strike again with a surprise horror-themed DLC pack ready to keep us entertained just in time for halloween.

Announced at the New York Comic Con a few days ago, the upcoming "Nightmare in North Point" DLC is set to feature a unique mix of undead threats and Chinese mythology. After a gang member is beaten and tortured by the Triads and put to permanent rest, this brutally murdered man rises from the dead with an army of fellow sleepers to bring a whole new threat into the city of Hong Kong. The game's main man, Wei Shen, now has the responsibility of taking care of this large-scale undead threat and saving the city in the process.

The Verge got a preview of the action at the New York Comic Con panel itself as they eagerly watched United Front Games and Square Enix live to tell the tale of the "Nightmare in North Point". Here's some of the horrors these guys were unfortunate enough to see:

The developers presented a live demo of Nightmare in North Point in which Shen took on possessed members of the 18K Triad gang. Their eyes glow blue, and when they're killed, they disappear into the ground in a flash of green light. It's a good thing he now has lightning fists courtesy of some magical tea from an earlier mission. Shen also has to contend with Jiang Shi — Chinese vampires. For them, he has a peach wood sword. According to Chinese lore, such blades were used in Taoist exorcisms.
The "Nighmare in North Point" DLC expansion is set to release in just a couple of weeks on October 30th. A price is still yet to be confirmed.

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Ashley Woodcock
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