Deal of the Week: March 1st, 2010

By zigs00, 8 years ago
This week's DotW is a bit of an odd one, sure to raise an eyebrow or two. For this week, all Xbox Live Gold members will be able to purchase Gears of War 2 Avatar clothing for a reduced price.

Via the Avatar Marketplace, the Gears COG Armour will be 240 MSP this week, reduced from 320 MSP. The COG Helmet will be 80 MSP, 50% off the usual 160 MSP price tag. Both deals are applicable to the male and female avatar clothing. gives the following (brief) description of the items:
This sturdy design has endured longer than most COG soldiers who have worn it into battle. What this helmet lacks in visibility, it makes up for in protection. Usually.
Link explosion below:
Male COG Armour -
Female COG Armour -
Male COG Helmet -
Female COG Helmet -

Be warned, the helmet will reduce your peripheral vision and provides very little protection against sniper bullets. Just a heads up.